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Me? A software engineer living in the south of Sweden. In the daytime I work with embedded systems and in my spare time I work with…well…embedded systems too. And all the stuff I find interesting but cannot do daytime, such as hardware design and iOS development.

All my hobby projects starts with and idea like ‘what if I…’ or ‘I need something that…’ and this blog will consist of write-ups of those projects.

Having read, and gotten inspired by, tons of gread tech blogs throughout the years I though it was time for my own. Hopefully I will inspire someone.

7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Reed L Zephier

    Another Raspberry Pi powered Macintosh Classic:

    Hello, I just scored my first Mac Classic and aim to convert it to a raspberry Pi just like you did. Is there any way you could give a parts list of your build? Let me know.


    1. Johan

      Hi Reed. I have no part list but the most essential part is the display with driver board (link in the article) and a 12V to 5V DC DC converter. The rest is a Raspberry Pi, plexiglass and lots of patience. A local maker space is getting a laser cutter so I might create drawings for the display holder one day.

  2. Alexander Zhevak

    Hello from Russia!

    Yesterday I was walk through Internet and I stuck at your blog.

    I took a seen some articles and resolve that it is pretty good. Especially I was pleased with the last publication.

    I think the Russian developers and radio-hams will be interested to learn about your experience. It is possible, I will do translate the last article in Russian and will have placed it in my blog. No doubt I give the link to you blog.

    Thank you!

  3. Walter

    Hi, came across your blog, šŸ˜‰ awesome project on the Mac Classic, I’m wanting to achieve the same with the Mac SE/30, that’s here with a broken/ fried motherboard (battery leakage)
    I was wondering, how did you do the plexiglass cutting for the RJ45 ports, USB, etc? How did you make that so well, also the spacers and all, did you just get these of eBay and glue everything together using hotglue, or superglue?

    1. Johan

      Thanks! I used a drill and fine saw for the USB ports. Still waiting to get access to a local laser cutter. I used super glue as it does not “add extra material” to to say, as hot glue does. Oh, and it’s a lot more durable.

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