Goodbye ESP3212

Sometimes you bet on the wrong horse. I put my money down on the ESP3212 as I had seen the images of sample modules and AiThinker seemed to be on the way to mass produce this lovely little thing. As I had a bunch of designs to send off to Dirty PCBs, I quickly whipped up an ESP3212 version of my Esparducam board. The day after the boards went into production (early november IIRC) I read that the ESP3212 was scrapped in favour of the ESP32S. Not a completely bad choice as the 3212 was not pin compatible with Espressifs version of the module. But still.

ESP3212 coaster :)
ESP3212 coaster 🙂

So, if you actually managed to get your hands on a ‘3212 and wish to test it on this board I’d be happy to send one to you for the price of p & p. Goodbye ESP3212, I hardly ever knew you.